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The Islamic Message

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In this fast-moving, digital world that we live in, we find less and less time to sit down, take a moment and think about things… about life… about death… about what comes after death. Everybody is rushing for their own share of happiness – struggling to find enjoyment and pleasure – all the while forgetting a greater purpose – a noble purpose, one that leads to eternal happiness.


Islam offers a purposeful life, a balanced path, a wholesome way of life. It brings about an improvement in the individual – spiritually, physically, mentally; and in the wider community – socially, economically and in numerous other ways. Islam offers a viable, sustainable and suitable solution for the world that we live in today. presents Islam at a basic, introductory level. Links are provided to reliable websites for further reading on various topics.


While the scholars and researchers of have gone to great lengths to verify the authenticity and reliability, takes no responsibility for content on external websites.